1.     UPDATE ON SUMMER TRAINING:  Dates and venues are now listed under the Training Section.  Information about this year’s weekend with Ricky Moloney, Saturday, 25th July (Novice) and Sunday, 26th July (Open), is also available in the Training Section.

2.   The results for the AV Retriever Novice, Puppy and Novice Dog/Novice Handler GWTs held on 21st June and the AV Retriever Open and Veteran GWTs held on 26th April are under the GWT Results section.

3.    Huge congratulations to Caroline Nunneley and Lillyhorn Peregrine for being ‘top dog’ at Sherborne yesterday.

4.   The GWT dates for the Duchy, North Devon, South Western Goldens, Westward, West Dartmoor, West of England Labs and Wiltshire are listed on the calendar.