1.    The results of our AV Retriever Novice GWT held on 22nd June, 2014 are available under the relevant GWT page with a photo of the winners in the Gallery.

2.    Details about this year’s ‘Dad’s Day’ are available on the main GWT page.

3.    Following the success of last year, another training weekend with Ricky Moloney has been arranged for July 26th and 27th, 2014.  The closing date is Friday, 18th July and if over-subscribed, a draw will be done.  More details are listed under the Training Section.

4.     The link to the amended Dangerous Dog Act, which came into force on 13th May, 2014, is under the News Section.  The changes are relevant to all dogs now, not just those breeds previously highlighted.

5.      The News Section also has information about our two new Sponsors – Ruff It and SloeMotion.